Let’s be allies

“Let’s be allies” This is my first ever #GoodtypeTuesday! The prompt is to letter this phrase and write about someone who has been an ally to you, rather than a competitor. In a past life, I was an urban planner. It was there I met the woman who turned out to be one of my biggest allies and best friends in life, Christina. We were both young and trying to gain credibility in the profession through the school of hard knocks, rather than grad school. Christina had a head start. Rather than put me down to build herself up further, Christina extended a hand back to me. She included me on high-profile projects and mentored me on office and local politics. She showed me there’s always more room in the tent. She embodies “let’s be allies.” (She also made my wedding bouquet with flowers from the farmer’s market, so I had to include flowers here, natch!)

Let’s be allies

Published by Emily P.G. Erickson

Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. Her service journalism and personal essays about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood have appeared in The New York Times, WIRED, Romper, Elemental, and elsewhere. You can find the latest from Emily at www.emilypgerickson.com.

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