Let me back up…

… This month, I am going to hand letter #everydamnday. I started hand lettering back when I was planning my 2011 wedding and discovered I had some pretty specific ideas about fonts and aesthetics. I wasn’t finding some of the elements I wanted within a price range we could afford, so I decided I would have to create them myself.  And I did.

I’ve employed hand lettering off and on through the years for similar reasons — I needed signs for my doors or wanted to create an anniversary gift for my husband or wanted to decorate the nursery or just wanted to organize the pantry.  But, I’ve never taken time to just create hand lettering for the point of creating it.  For the process of it all.  For the love of it.  

So this month, I issued myself a challenge.  Claim space for hand lettering.  Every day.  No matter what.  That’s my challenge for September (well, every day except September 1, since I only conceived of the challenge on September 2!  I’ll do a double day at some point to keep the spirit of challenge alive.).  I hope you’ll follow along to see how that practice goes — and stick around for what’s next.

space for lettering

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