What’s In A Word?

Why responsive is my word of the year, why sadness isn’t as bad as you think, and the three books I can’t stop thinking about this month.


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Headshot of Emily P.G. Erickson in Saint Paul, MN taken September 2022.
Hi, I’m Emily.

I’m a Minnesota-based freelance writer who specializes in service journalism about mental health and parenting. I have written for major digital publications, including HealthThe New York TimesWIRED, and more. Formerly a mental health researcher, I also hold a master’s degree in psychology. When I’m not writing, I love baking with my three children and long walks without them.


I’d love to connect with you. No spam, I promise! Just one email monthly, arriving on the last Thursday. You can expect to see my latest writing and a list of books I think you’ll want to read.

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