Photo of Emily P.G. Erickson by Jessica Holleque
Photo by Jessica Holleque

Hi! I’m Emily P.G. Erickson. I’m a mom of three and Minnesota-based freelance writer specializing in mental health and parenting. You can find my writing in popular digital publications, including Everyday Health, Health, Motherly, The New York Times, Parents, Scary Mommy, Verywell Family, Verywell Mind, and WIRED. 

Previously, I researched PTSD for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and earned a master’s degree in psychology. I like to think that my writing blends a researcher’s intellectual rigor with a therapist’s approachability.

I write because I believe that sharing what we learn can help make it a little easier to be a person on this planet. I cover mental health and parenting because both matter a lot to me. If they matter to you, too, I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my newsletter.

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EPGE -- Emily P.G. Erickson, A Freelance Writer With A Master's Degree in Psychology
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