Like a tree planted by the river

“Like a tree planted by the river, I shall not be moved.” If there was a formula for my favorite quotes, it might be: ⁣

Natural imagery + Precise diction + Philosophical meditation = Amazing ⁣

This weekend, I listened to Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown while I got my walk on. At one point, she writes about this line from a poem by Dr. Maya Angelou. When I heard it, I stopped waking and replayed that section again. Then I stopped the recording and and let Dr. Angelou’s words echo in my head the rest of the way home. I want to be that tree. Planted strong no matter how the waters of life churn around me.⁣

"Consistency is the playground of dull minds.”

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Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. She crafts helpful, science-backed pieces that come straight from the heart. Her writing about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood has appeared in The New York Times, Elemental, Forge, and more.

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