Creativity takes courage

“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse said this one. I’m really feeling it lately. I am verrrrry Type A. Creating an IG account and website to show the world something that isn’t perfect, that is evolving, well…that’s uncomfortable for me. But I’m leaning into that discomfort. And trusting that it’s a signal that this is important to me. That this is making visible a tender part of me. I believe the world would be a better place if we all did the things that made us feel tender a little more of the time, but it’s not easy. It takes some courage. How are you being just a little bit courageous today? ⁣⁣


Creativity takes courage

Published by Emily P.G. Erickson

Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. Her service journalism and personal essays about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood have appeared in The New York Times, WIRED, Romper, Elemental, and elsewhere. You can find the latest from Emily at

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