Zing! @emmafreemandesigns used the word “zing” the other week to describe the spark of resonance and joy she feels from certain things she encounters. She wrote about how stringing these things together can lead us to create things that really excite us. This can be applied to so many arenas in life, but even just on Instagram I’ve found it to be true. Take this post, for example. I follow artists like @timothygoodman, @robynkanner, @peopleihaveloved, @emilymcdowell_, and @bymariandrew for their handwritten aesthetic and honest voice — zing! I follow @beccaclason and @somightystudio for their engaging stop motion — zing! I follow @wetpaintart where I got this fabulous @fabercastellusa metallic pen — zing! And, of course, I follow Emma who had the observation that inspired this post — zing! And here we are! I’ve strung together some things that made me zing below, and I’m really excited about it. 

What about you? What’s something that’s making you *zing* at the moment?

follow the things that make you zing

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