Happy Birthday Little Flower

O made an important discovery in our yard yesterday. “Mama, this little flower is born!”

Sure enough, the periwinkle bud that had been closed tight for the past week had unfurled while we slept.

“It’s the flower’s birth day!” O said.

So we made a dirt cake (“Flowers like dirt,” O explained); we topped it with stick candles (“A birthday cake needs candles,” O said); and we sang the birthday song twice (O heard the little flower request an encore).

And we all clapped for the little flower on its birthday.

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Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. She crafts helpful, science-backed pieces that come straight from the heart. Her writing about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood has appeared in The New York Times, Elemental, Forge, and more.

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