We must set sail

“To reach a port, we must set sail.” Oof. One purpose of the project is to keep me accountable to claiming space to be creative every day. Like many, I decided to do this in the morning. This has meant waking up earlier. To put it mildly, I am not a morning person. On top of that, my oldest just started preschool in the mornings, requiring all of us to wake up earlier. This morning, it was all I could do to put pen to paper and get this out, catapulting myself out of the harbor and into the sea. I am pleased to report that the water is just fine.

To reach a port, we must set sail

Published by Emily P.G. Erickson

Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. She crafts helpful, science-backed pieces that come straight from the heart. Her writing about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood has appeared in The New York Times, Elemental, Forge, and more.

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