Friday Introduction

Hello! My name is Emily, and I’m the person behind @onehappyblueberry. I haven’t done an introduction since the day I started this account a few months ago, and I figured it was time to say #hello! 👋⁣

I know a lot of folks like to share weird facts about themselves as part of these things, but that line of thinking makes my brain freeze up. Instead, I thought I’d start with something that I might talk to a friend about: Some things I’m working on personally right now. It’s nothing thrilling, but it’s real, and it’s where I’m at.⁣

1. Going to bed earlier. 😴 I have a few health issues that mean getting enough sleep is both important and difficult. Also I have a nursling. And I’m a mom. All of this means the time after my kids go to bed is precious personal time and also time I should be spending snoozing. I continue to work on a better balance of these two.⁣

2. Maintaining my daily walks. 🏃‍♀️ I’m at home with my kids all day. When my husband gets home, I head out the door for a solo walk. It is my favorite daily ritual. It is also much easier to maintain when the weather is glorious. We are well on our way into the dark, cold months here in Minnesota, and I am having to be diligent to keep up with this ritual. I found my reflective vest so cars can see me! I have started running instead of walking to keep warm! I must continue to choose to leave my cozy house and venture into the snapping cold!⁣

3. Drinking water. 💦 It’s so much easier for me to be good about water in the summer — I’m just thirstier! These days, I’m basically getting to dinner time and noticing I haven’t had water since breakfast. This may explain why I’ve been visited with headaches and is probably also not helping my tendency toward dry skin. ⁣

*What about you? What’s something you’re working on doing to take care of yourself right now?*⁣

P.S. I am totally guilty of the mom thing where you have a ton of photos on your phone and you’re in virtually none of them. So, please enjoy this picture of my family. I am the one in the yellow hat. 💛⁣

📸: Hannah Pettersen Photography

Erickson family outside

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