To make a life you love

To make a life you love, do the things you love. If this sounds obvious, it is, but it’s also a profound practice. The project of building a whole life you love sounds daunting. There are so many parts. Where can you even begin? But thinking of things you love? Hopefully, that’s easy. For me, I love taking to friends, reading books, being outside, making and eating food, and watching my kids play, among other things. Those are all concrete things that I can actually dig in and make happen. The more I make those things happen, the more I love my life overall. For instance, one of the activities I love most in the whole world is a good walk-and-talk (or its quicker companion, a run-and-talk). I’d love to start every day that way if I could. Daily isn’t realistic for me right now, but I have been able to try for weekly. Last week, I got to run and talk with @livaugusta. This week, I got to walk and talk with my friend Joan. If you live in the #twincities, I’d love to walk with you, too! (I am super serious! Who is in?) I’m finding that doing more things I love like this makes me love my whole life even more. It’s pretty magical.

to make a life you love do the things you love

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