The Place is in the Details

Before we had kids, my husband and I wrote up a plan for how we’d keep our relationship strong after they came along. I am a recovering perfectionist, so I do mean this literally. Our plan was thorough, and it definitely included regular date nights out. These days, we rarely — and I mean rarelyContinue reading “The Place is in the Details”

Hand letter your love

When’s the last time you got together with other people and made something? There’s nothing like the energy that comes from a group of people gathered together, letting their creative juices flow. It’s a warm, buzzing feeling, and it fills you up. If you’re in the Twin Cities in 10 days, I have an opportunityContinue reading “Hand letter your love”

There is magic in saying the right words

A love note to my husband. Do you remember last week when my parents were visiting and we played Scrabble after the kids went to bed? Do you remember how, at the beginning, I kept making 3 and 4 letter words? They weren’t very clever words, so maybe you don’t remember. I didn’t tell you,Continue reading “There is magic in saying the right words”

My love goes away when I’m angry

The other day, I had a beautiful conversation with my preschooler. I had yelled at him earlier in the day (I don’t think I’d ever yelled at another human being until I became a second-time mom, now it happens at least weekly!). After we had both calmed down, I attended to repairing our relationship. ⁣Continue reading “My love goes away when I’m angry”