There is magic in saying the right words

A love note to my husband.

Do you remember last week when my parents were visiting and we played Scrabble after the kids went to bed? Do you remember how, at the beginning, I kept making 3 and 4 letter words? They weren’t very clever words, so maybe you don’t remember. I didn’t tell you, but I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. For most of the game, I wondered if maybe I wasn’t fit to play Scrabble at all. Do you remember how, at the end, I made a word using all the rest of my tiles and there weren’t any more in the black bag because my mother had drawn the last one? I can’t remember what the word was, but I do remember that move gave me a bunch of points, and I ended up coming from behind to win.

That’s the same magic I feel when I talk to you after a long day apart.

Look below to see the stop motion version of this post!

there is magic in saying the right words to the right person

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