I love just being with you

The other day when my husband came home from running errands with our baby, Peregrine, I was bummed.

My 3-year-old, Owen, and I were supposed to have had some special time together, just the two of us while they were gone. That almost never happens. I had been excited about what big kid things we could do together unemcumbered by Pip. We could read books with ripable pages! We could put together a puzzle! We could do art! But Owen wasn’t excited about any of my ideas and somehow the time passed without us doing anything at all. This really bummed me out. Then I saw Owen’s face.

He was smiling. He had been having a great time. He didn’t want to “do” with me, he wanted to “be” with me. Of course! It was so obvious that I missed it. I even missed that that was what I really wanted too. It wasn’t about reading or a puzzle or art. It was about Owen, and me, and being together.

I wonder when I will stop being surprised at the things I learn from my children.


Published by Emily P.G. Erickson

Emily P.G. Erickson is a writer with a master's degree in psychology. She crafts helpful, science-backed pieces that come straight from the heart. Her writing about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood has appeared in The New York Times, Elemental, Forge, and more.

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