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Some time ago, I applied to have my own store on This month, I got word my application was approved. I got to work right away populating the store with some of my favorite books about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood. I thought I would like running a little digital bookstore, but it turns out I was wrong. I LOVE running a little digital bookstore! It’s pure joy to remember what I read and loved and would recommend to you.

From now on, you’ll be able to find all my recommended reading selections in my bookshop anytime you’re hankering for a new book (Pro tip: Bookmark the shop. Your future self will thank you!). I hope you’ll check it out and tell me what you think.

New From Me This Month

For kind words about my work with the Macalester Alumni book club, read Pathways for Change in the summer 2021 issue of the Macalester Today.

Speaking of Macalester, last week I had the pleasure of returning to campus as a guest speaker for Cari Gillen-O’Neel’s psychology course, Race in Developing Lives. I’m always happy to speak to students (and anyone, really!) about anything related to motherhood, mental health, and mindfulness (and writing!) and this was no exception.

Your Curated Reading List

For an interesting book chock-full of wise nuggets on how to live after a crisis (something I’m acutely personally interested in after my life-saving surgery in July), read Surviving Survival:The Art and Science of Resilience Laurence Gonzales.

For a compelling psychological novel that centers around buried secrets, teenage friendships, and one twisted cult, read Fierce Little Thing by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore.

For a fun book about how language influences behavior, read Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell.

Something Delightful

Something delightful from Emily P.G. Erickson: Asperitas clouds
Asperitas clouds per Kare 11.

In late August, we were driving out of the Twin Cities metro toward Lake Itasca when the clouds began to coalesce into gorgeous, gray-blue undulations, like an impressionist painting. Like sky impersonating sea.

I had to know more, so when I got home, I did a little meteorological research. That’s when I learned that there exists something called an International Cloud Atlas. The tome has been largely unchanged for decades. That is, until 2017, when the World Meteorological Association unveiled the first update in decades.

Arguably the coolest new cloud on the block was the exact kind we had seen on the road. They’re called Asperitas clouds. You’re most likely to find these clouds in the Great Plains after a thunderstorm. If you see them, snap a picture. I’d be delighted to see them again!

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