There may not be time for everything

It turns out that creating content every day is a lot of work. I thought my life was plenty full before I decided to try to #createveryday. Yesterday, I realized there wasn’t time to both spend with my kids and to produce the post I had envisioned. I had a choice. I chose what mattered most. My kids. And I got flexible on the rest. I nursed my baby to sleep and then invited my preschooler to make art with me. He was so proud as he told his dad that we needed some space to make our art. I knew just what to write, but he directed what marker and paper I should use (“It’s ok, Mama! I’m happy to share!”). He picked some toys for the shot. He instructed how I should write (“Big! Lowercase!”). It was so beautiful and not at all what I had in mind and so much better than I could have imagined.

there may not be time for everything but there is time for what's important

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