On Creating A Clearing

The contexts in which we find ourselves have a profound impact on our emotions. How can we harness this insight for improved well-being?

I Signed Up For A Race And All I Got Was This Lousy Mood Boost

Why signing up for a canceled race is one of the best things I’ve done for my mental health. 

From Self-Judgement to Self-Compassion

Mindfulness is great. Mostly. But being aware of your thoughts can be downright painful, especially when they’re full of self-judgement. Self-compassion can help.

The Power of Place for Emotional Regulation

How I’m using place as a way to regulate my nervous system. Plus book recommendations, including two novels with a strong sense of place and poems that will make you feel calm and connected.

It’s Not Extra, It’s Essential

Why you should always remember the brine (and just what I mean by that), advice for how to cope when you’re therapist is away, and three great books right now.

Happiness Is An Inside Job — And An Outside One  

What I learned from my new Google knowledge panel (It’s not what you think). Plus three great books to read right now — including one of the best ones I’ve read all year.

Riot of Articles

Learn the latest on how social media use impacts kids and teen’s mental health, what to do to help kids stuck on a therapy waitlist, why it’s almost always worth practicing optimism — and when you should pull back to avoid toxic positivity. Oh! And books! I have 3 to recommend to you.

How I’m Adapting A Concept From Exposure Therapy To Help Me Set Boundaries At Work

The exposure therapy hack that’s helping me set professional boundaries, plus two new product reviews from me, and three books I recommend.

Advice For When Life Feels Like It’s Falling Apart

This fall, I experienced unexpected health problems. I have a message for anyone who, like me, finds themselves the owner of a frightening body and a frantic brain.