What Not Reading a Great Book Taught Me About Giving and Receiving

I don’t have enough fingers to mark the number of times folks have told me to read Braiding Sweetgrass. The recommendations always sounded similar. It’s about indigenous wisdom and scientific knowledge and plants, they’d tell me. That sounded like a compelling premise to me, but also risked being a dry one. I was in graduateContinue reading “What Not Reading a Great Book Taught Me About Giving and Receiving”

Hand letter your love

When’s the last time you got together with other people and made something? There’s nothing like the energy that comes from a group of people gathered together, letting their creative juices flow. It’s a warm, buzzing feeling, and it fills you up. If you’re in the Twin Cities in 10 days, I have an opportunityContinue reading “Hand letter your love”

Create things just for yourself

Words repeat in my head. I think of a bounce house. Up and down. Up and down. Against the sides and back again. Eventually they need to come out. So I write. Fingers tap on a keyboard or conduct a pen. The words are unsteady to start. They can’t quite stand after all that bouncing.Continue reading “Create things just for yourself”

Just because something’s hard

Earlier this week, I did something a little scary. Like, I actually felt physical fear: stomach clenched, tunnel vision, the whole thing. So what did I do? I took the plunge and bought an iPad Pro. I know that I am lucky that this is the kind of experience eliciting fear in my life. ItContinue reading “Just because something’s hard”

A human being is a creative being

Our brains and hands are made for making. I grew up thinking this wasn’t necessarily the case. Somewhere along the way, I learned that some people had creativity, and some people didn’t. I thought I didn’t. But I’ve come to see in the last year or so just how strange and silly that is. TheContinue reading “A human being is a creative being”