He’s Here

A very important personal update, the best maternity leggings you can buy, and books to carry you into August.

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It may seem like I should be comfortable writing about this pregnancy by now, but the truth is I still feel like I am tempting fate every time I talk about it. Still, I am trying to hold space for that fear. And excitement. And gratitude. And grief. So that’s what I wrote about. I hope this essay resonates with anyone who is trying to move forward with authenticity after one of life’s curveballs.

New Research Published in The Journal of Traumatic Stress

Did you know that before I pivoted to being a full-time mom and freelance writer, I worked as a mental health researcher for the Department of Veteran Affairs? It’s true! I wanted to be a mental health researcher because I believe a scientific approach is the best tool we have to help chip away atContinue reading “New Research Published in The Journal of Traumatic Stress”